Our proprietary recruiting method is designed to identify the most engaged and targeted individuals based on their lifestyle, not consumer data points. These unique personas often are not present in a traditional market research panel. With a real human touch, our respondents become vested in the research and are excited to share their personal experience.



We live in a globalized society of people with unique backgrounds and cultures. For brands to better serve people, The Band creates unique immersions to bridge personal experience to discover new perspectives from others.

Our market immersions give exclusive access to unique influencers and subcultures to inspire insights grounded in real human truths. 


Deep insights do not always generate a new product or idea. Sometimes a user experience has to be created to push a team for disruptive ideas. By actively listening to users and observing new methods for product creation, we help produce the next big idea. Click here to see an example on how we put this design into practice with a YouTube blogger.



Insight development is incredibly powerful work, but teams often have trouble sharing valuable findings with the broader organization to drive change.

Our tour documentary captures the magic as it is happening, taking viewers along the same incredible journey. These videos contain more than just respondent verbatims. They capture rich insights grounded in the emotions, environments, and perspectives of your consumer.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take my career in an awesome new direction this past year. With being relatively new to the organization, and looking to elevate the capability and level of insights I am bringing to the company, having smart and trusted research partners such as yourself is very much appreciated. The tour we did was definitely one of the highlights of the year for me.
— Insights Manager at a Global Resturaunt Chain